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    Heating Venting Air Conditioning. Creating a comfortable climate is what we specialize in. We're here to help solve your problems and help you get the most out of our products and extend the life of your investments.


    We provide journeyman level electrical work that include lighting and so much more. Whether you purchased an older house or a new one, we will help you build a home just the way you like.

    Licensed & Bonded


    All our techs are certified and licensed. We provide unparalleled work that you will have confidence in. Knowing that our work is certified and warrantied makes choosing CVH&C an easy choice for small and major projects.


    High pressured shower heads are the best, while leaks under the sink that never get fixed are the worst! Upgrades such as radiant floor heating will change your life. Have a project idea for plumbing or gas? We can make that happen!



    hvac appointment call contact electrician plumber repair service maintenance


    20 Point System Inspection

    1. Filter replacement

    2. Refrigerant charge

    3. Electrical component test

    4. Capacitor analyzed

    5. Fan bearings checked

    6. Defrost cycle

    7. Drip pan

    8. Interior wire connections

    9. Amperage draw

    10. Starting capabilities

    11. Calibrate controls

    12. Oil & grease as needed

    13. Refrigerant levels

    14. Refrigerant leaks

    15. Evaporator coil

    16. Condensor coil

    17. Contactor condition

    18. Outdoor unit wiring

    19. Compressor amperage

    20. Reversing valve operation

    hvac electrical electrician plumber plumbing repair service install

    5% Discount On All Repairs


    10% Discount On All Repairs

    Priority Service

    No Charge For Diagnostics

    20 Point System Plus:

    1. Upgraded HEPA filter

    2. Bi-annual cleaning

    3. Heat pump coil cleaning

    4. Evaporator coil wash

    5. Condensation drain cleared

    6. Fan blade balance

    7. Surrounding foliage removed

    8. Text message reminders

    service maintenance plan repair fix diagnose heat air condition hvac electrician plumbing

    To schedule your first visit



    Choose the plan that fits best for you! Save with more visits.


    1 Visit    $125
    2 Visits   $240
    3 Visits   $330
    4 Visits   $420


    Four Seasonal Visits

    service plan mainenance repair schedule visit hvac electrical electricain plumbing plumber repair
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    Service Locations

    We are proud to service Chelan, Manson, Entiat, Orondo, Beebe, Pateros, Methow, Twisp, Winthrop, Mazama, Brewster, Bridgeport, Okanogan, & Omak. If you live or have a business in Chelan County, Douglas County or Okanogan County we are the best choice for repairing or replacing your HVAC system.

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    okanogan county wa.jpg
    Douglas County Washington.jpg



    300 S Quetilquasoon Rd #5

    Manson, WA 98831

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