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I'm so happy you looking into our story. I want to share our origin story so you understand the caliber of work and experience we provide with every interaction and project. I'm so proud of the team and work we do at Chelan Valley Heating & Cooling. 


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Founder & Managing Partner

Origin Story

We’ve always wanted to create the world we want to fully enjoy, where we live the best life ever. Exploring cool boutique shops and creating memories at the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a remote town are the great stories and highlights we live for and remember so fondly in our minds and in stories with friends. 


That’s what we’ve done before creating Chelan Valley Heating & Cooling. Whether it’s a local favorite restaurant, the cutest clothing shop ever to exist or with a paradigm shifting international cultural immersion travel company. With every step of these businesses curated for exceptional experiences, it’s been the best life that as kids, we didn’t know was an option amongst the choices of firefighter, pro athlete or painter. But if we would have seen it, we would have been thrilled and called dibs immediately.


This way has flowed to the perfect meeting of minds and talents right here in the most idyllic valley imaginable. Over a period of dreaming, talking, and planning on how to create the best company we could ask for, we studied what the best in the industry have done across the country and investigated what those serving our area are doing. It was obvious we needed to make this happen. 


In our heads and conversations, we created a plan: 

  • Responsive communication with customers and vendors is what everyone wants and rarely gets. It was nonexistent here before we came along.

  • Fixing problems for people who need help and are at the mercy of the tech and the price tag. 

  • Doing it so that the people can feel comfortable and having a great day finding out we were able to fix their home quickly and a fraction of the cost they dreaded. 


We knew that if we organized our system and recruited the best in the business, and trained them with the highest standards and skills, we’d have an amazing crew. But that’s not enough. We knew that if we take care of our staff, treat them well, pay them not just a living wage, but a thriving wage, with medical benefits, vacation and everything they need to feel appreciated and encouraged, then everything good would be passed on to the customers and their experiences with CVH&C. From the first phone call to the farewell and thank you for your time, we have worked on building the best experience we could imagine and have studied. 


We all want a better world and sometimes that seems like an overwhelming task. So we figured we’d start here in the Chelan Valley and create the world  we want to live in. 


So call, text, email us or say hi and we’d love to chat and see how we can make your life better. 


300 S Quetilquasoon Rd #5

Manson, WA 98831

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